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Release 1.0.6, new features, bugfixes, cosmetics

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Sat Mar 26 09:22:57 2005.

I'm glad to another 1.0.6 savane release. Thanks a lot to anyone involved in this release (Sylvain Beucler, Tobias Toedter, Timothee Besset, etc).

The release tracking has been made with the task #1088.

Obtaining it:

- The GPG-signed tarball is available at <>
- It is downloadable via CVS, with the tag REL_1-0-6

Installing it:

If you are running Savane 1.0.5, you should run sql and perl scripts included in savane/update/1.0.6, as described in savane/update/README.
These scripts will handle the trivial changes on the database needed. They are supposedly safe but you should, indeed, do a backup of your database first, just in case (using mysqldump, for instance).

If you are running an older version than 1.0.5, you should run the scripts in savane/update for each release you missed.

Also, take care to the section [SITE SPECIFIC CONTENT] of the
ChangeLog below, it will tells you which files should be added in your site specific content directory.

Otherwise, just follow INSTALL, or INSTALL.verbose if it not enough. If you encounter undocumented troubles, please fill a support request at <>

ChangeLog :

Most changes are listed below. Please, forgive us typos and approximative wording.


  • my/index changed to my/items, as now the items page is no

longer the main page.

  • account/change_groups_intro changed to my/groups
  • svn/index and arch/index added (useless if you do not provide

arch or svn repositories).


  • Cosmetics.
  • Improve lisibility of mail notification by reducing the amount

of information sent (task #1074).

  • Items comments are now numbered, internal links are built if

strings like "comment #nnn" are posted inside comments (task #1072).

  • Cosmetics.
  • Changed the link to the pending projects list in the

administration project page. It refered to the old location
(prior to tasks tracker integration).

  • In the "Removing User(s) from Group" section, pending users

are now listed after the members, and are explicitely marked
as pending (task #1246)

  • During an anonymous request, the system now checks whether

the special Originator Email field was filled. If yes, and if
it is a valid e-mail address, it is added to the CC list.

  • Fixed a bug (double <form> tag) in the form used to set new

passwords, that was doing nothing in w3m and other non-laxist

  • The link to pending projects now actually filters the tasks

tracker items. It was preselecting the tasks category in the
filter parameters, but not applying this filtering.

  • Removed the reference to 'fingerprint' in "Edit GPG key". When

we use GPG keys, we need the complete key.

  • Changed the 'savannah' theme to make it comply with the CSS

guidelines v1.10 - and with the new HTML layout

  • Permit non-logged-in users to view the registration requirements
  • Do not send notifications is the only change is cc addition/removal.
  • Mail notifications now mention dependancies changes (bug #1977).
  • Fix a bug causing date fields (like "Should start on") to be updated

erroneously due to users timezone configuration (bug #1979).

  • Clarify the fact that one should not reply by mail to the

notification sent: replace "This item URL is" by "Reply to this
item at" and allow installation to configure the noreply address
(task #1279).

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the translations for Russian, Japanese,

and Korean to be shown to the user.

  • List groups by alphabetical order in My Groups, mention when the

group was joined so chronological info is still available
(bug #2080).

  • "watching users (notifications)" is more a group feature than

an item, so it moved in My Groups (bug #2081).

  • Improve usability of my items section, enabling users to set

a priority threshold of item they'd like to see and listing item
chronologically instead of per tracker.

  • Add "My Incoming Items" new section that list newly assigned items,

items unassigned for managers, new news, news to approve (task #558).

  • Quitting a project now requires confirmation (bug #2087).

Site admins are warned, at the same time, if a project get orphaned.

  • Clean item printouts by hidding meaningless content, like submit

buttons (bug #2075).

  • In news management, show items of the last two weeks, not only the

latest one.

  • Bookmarks are now activated only on demand, in order to make the

user interface easier to deal with, without unjustified redundant
features - most web browsers provide efficient bookmarking system
(task #1412).

  • Multiple Source Code Manager support: all relevant configuration

pages were updated (task #1430, task #1429). It is now possible to
attach the homepage source code to one of the SCM.

  • Fixed bug resulting in old value names being used in statistics

(task #1457).
* Add mixed icons on items list to easily distinguish trackers (in
some cases, remove previous icons, useless because open/closed is
always shown by colors), uniformize items prefixes (task #1446).

  • Fix bug causing backslash to be added everywhere before quotes

in mails sent on news approval or with the sendmessage to user form
(bug #2040).

  • Filters (used when browsing items on a tracker) are now remembered

in a tracker-specific fashion. It means that if, while browsing task,
you select to view only open items, if you switch to the bug tracker,
you'll no longer view only open items but items according to the
filters you selected the last time you used the bug tracker.
In many cases it did not made sense to share settings between
trackers - for instance, categories are rarely found in all trackers
(bug #1982).

  • Changing the query form type (basic, advanced...) no longer cause

immediate refresh of the browse item page. While this could have been
convenient in some case, it was inconsistent since all the select
boxes of the same form was not causing the page to be reloaded. Making
any change in the form causing such reload was neither an option, as
it would mean in some cases having the page reloaded 3 or more time,
just to get one specific query form (bug #2127).

  • Mailing lists page includes links to mail archives, public

or private


  • Avoid potential race conditions when writing tmpfile in sv_mailman

and sv_aliases.
(risk are very low, anyway - and these scripts are not even supposed
to be running on a system where untrusted users got access).

  • Added configuration variable $sys_dbparams that allow you to

pass additional arguments to access the database.

  • Added Savannah-specific procedures to manage download areas and

CVS repositories.

  • Added code to manage GPG keys, and a --gpg option to sv_users

(user GPG keyrings are still not created by default).

  • Removed Savannah-specific code to handle group 'www'.
  • Make sure the backend remove users from Savane groups they no

longer belongs to (bug #2011).

  • Add --only-etc, --only-cvs and alike options to sv_groups.
  • Allow multiple Source Code Managers (CVS, Arch, SVN - task #1432).
  • From field of notifications sent when users ask for group inclusion

is now the request originator address, instead of site admins address
(bug #2065).

  • It is now possible to reset values of a specific field to the

default ones (bug #2128).


  • Allow multiple Source Code Managers (CVS, Arch, SVN - task #1428).
  • New default for the severity field:

1 - Wish; 2 - Minor; 3 - Normal; 4 - Important; 5 - Blocker;
6 - Security;
(bug #2123).

  • Clean status descriptions. Introduce new default status: Ready for

Test, In Progress. Remind will be hidden at updated, removed
completely on Savane fresh install, since it is a duplicate with
Postponed (the only difference no longer exists, it was from the old
time while open/closed was confused with "detailled" status).
Unreproducible is renamed Works for me: more positive than the
unreproducible (more polite to say "I cannot reproduce, it works
for me" than "this cannot be reproduced because I cant"), it is no
longer bug tracker specific, as it makes perfect sense when a task
has been tested to say works for me, one step before "Done". This
could be useful on project when testers have no manager right (and,
so, cannot set an item to done+closed).


Mistake (posted by Mathieu Roy, Sat Mar 26 09:39:01 2005)

These two bits of ChangeLog are Frontend related, not backend related:

  • From field of notifications sent when users ask for group inclusion

is now the request originator address, instead of site admins address
(bug #2065).

  • It is now possible to reset values of a specific field to the

default ones (bug #2128).

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