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Xtla 1.1 released

Item posted by Matthieu MOY <moy> on Sun Jul 17 21:42:16 2005.

The Xtla development team is proud to announce the release of Xtla,
version 1.1 (following two release candidates).

The main new features for the 1.1 release are:

* Support for baz, and for baz added commands like "switch",
"annotate", "status", "resolved".

* Many performances improvements, like
- Mode displaying revision lists are faster. Even faster if you
use bazaar 1.5
- Searching subtrees asynchronously in tla-changes
- Computation of the merged-by field no longer O(n^2).
- Process sentinel now use tla--capturing-lambda that allows a
byte-compilation as opposed to `(lambda ...). This also
eliminated the runtime dependency on 'cl.
- marking/unmarking in inventory buffer are much faster

* The list of files to be committed displayed in the log buffer (but
removed before committing).

* tla-update is now recursive.

* Improved installation and configuration procedure. Default values
for some variables can be provided as options to the ./configure

* A mode for input file of GNU arch's build-config

* Many minor bugfixes and usability improvements. See
for details.

* Better Gnus support.

* Support for sealing an fixing archives

Many thanks to all contributors and testers, in particular
Stefan Reichör, Original author of Xtla and integrator for the 1.1 branch
Masatake Yamato, GNU Emacs hacker
Robert Widhopf-Fenk, XEmacs integration and testing
Milan Zamazal, Debian developer
Mark Triggs
Miles Bader, for a few precious advices in Emacs Lisp.

For the curious, a 1.2 branch has been opened. There are no plans of
great changes, but a few minor improvements can be expected in the
mid-term. See

Located at:


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