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Release 1.2: new features, bugfixes, cosmetics

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Thu Sep 29 12:11:04 2005.

I'm glad to announce savane 1.2 public release. Thanks a lot to anyone involved in this release, especially Yves Perrin and Alberto Aimar from CERN.

The release tracking has been made with the task #2170.

Obtaining it:
- The GPG-signed tarball is available at <>
- You can use apt-get with Debian, adding "deb stable/" (without quotes) in your /etc/apt/sources.list

Installing it/Upgrading it:
If you are running Savane 1.1, you should run sql and perl scripts included in savane/update/1.1, as described in savane/update/README (or shipped with the debian package savane-update).
These scripts will handle the trivial changes on the database needed. They are supposedly safe but you should, indeed, do a backup of your database first, just in case (using mysqldump, for instance).

If you are running an older version than 1.1, you should run the scripts in savane/update for each release you missed.

Also, take care to the sections [CONFIGURATION] and [SITE SPECIFIC CONTENT] of the
ChangeLog below, it will tells you which files should be added in your site specific content directory.

Otherwise, just follow INSTALL, or INSTALL.verbose if it not enough. You will probably want to take a look at more completes guides available at <>

If you encounter undocumented troubles, please fill a support request at <>



  • You should configure the task tracker of the Site Administration

project to accept comment post from logged-in users.
This is necessary because now comment post are restricted like
item post, an by default, the restriction effective for item post
is used for comment post (bug #4437).


  • Fix a typo in my/request_for_inclusion.txt causing the link

provided to admins to be erroneous, $group_name being used instead
of $unix_group_name (bug #2694).


  • Cosmetics:

- display options are now shown in a specific box, with
a specific design;
- submenu entries are now printed in smaller size, so it is
easier to distinguish them from main menu entries;
- make sure "* Mandatory Field" shows up on all pages
(bug #2859);
- use help mouse icon when help is available;
- use alternative colors when presenting fields in trackers.
- item output now in clean column also for non-logged in
- sort themes by alphabetical order

  • Fixed bug preventing the global notification list to be used for

new submissions in some peculiar cases (task #2179).

  • Trackers forms are now redisplayed when a mandatory field is not

filled, instead of asking users to use their browser back button
(task #2181).

  • Mention that private projects are not shown in search results

(task #2184).

  • Fix a bug with order set in digest that were breaking browsing

items afterwards (task #2185).

  • Fix a bug causing manual changes to a field to be overriden by

automatic transition even if no real transition was made
(task #2186).

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the newly selected theme to be shown

right away (bug #1987)

  • It's now possible to restricts comment post, in the same way it

is possible for new item -- by default, comment restriction are the
same as new item posting restriction (task #2195, bug #2396).

  • If an item should be finished on a certain date, it will be

highlighted after that date has passed. This is mainly used for the
task tracker (bug #2204)

  • It is now possible to make a field mandatory only if it was shown

to the original submitter. It is the default for mandatory field, but
it is also possible to make a field "mandatory whenever possible",
which mean mandatory for anyone that is able to modify the field
(task #2194).

  • Fix a bug causing the setting "show X items at once" to be ignored

on browse items pages (bug #2860).

  • Items page titles now mentions the id of item + it's summary

(truncated if too long).

  • Allows to edit all approved items (to news manager), not only the

that were approved during the last two weeks (bug #2720).

  • Remove erroneous Group information when searching items, belonging

to the same group only, while adding dependancies to an item
(bug #691).

  • It is now possible to use as criteria, while browsing items, the

fact that an item was, or wasn't, modified since a specific date
(task #2188, task #2190).

  • When, while browsing items, both fields Summary and Original

Submission are search criteria, it is possible to select whether
a logical OR or a logical AND should be used between the two --
the default and traditional behavior is an AND (task #2187).

  • Site query forms are shown before Project query forms (if any

defined) in lists.

  • Fix xhtml error causing "My New Items" output to be quite strange,

shown only with some specific version of some specific browser
(bug #2846).

  • Fix erroneous comment numbering, in items comments, when a user

selected the chronological order (non default) for comments
printout (bug #2875).

  • Now, only 1 lost password mail per hour (and per user) can be sent

per hour, to avoid very theoretically risk of flood or similar
malicious usage of the lost password feature (bug #2530).

  • Fix a bug causing erroneous locale to be used in the mail sent

to notify a user requesting group membership that his request has been
approved (bug #635).

  • Add testconfig.php, a script useful during installation to check

whether Apache setup is correct.

  • Provide more complete apache/apache2 conffiles.
  • Fixed numerous XHTML validation errors.
  • Fix MSIE rendering problems, still using of dirty hacks like

nobody should put in the code if he doesnt want headaches. Nothing
marvellous but now it behaves with MSIE like it does with CSS
compliant browsers like Mozilla, Konqueror etc, with a tiny exception:
the footer (copyright bla bla, powered by savane) is part of the main
entity of the page (task #2182).

  • Cleanup input of item_id (bug #2913).
  • Provide help balloons in Display Criteria forms (bug #2914).
  • Fix harmless error message shown when a request for inclusion in

two groups at the same time is sent (bug #2893).

  • When a project is approved, during while the "trigger creation"

step (initiated by site admins), default notification for trackers
are configured so project admins get notifications. So by default,
new items dont get unnotified (bug #2882).

  • Show to the superuser the Site Administration part of the left

menu, even if he is actually logged in as simple user. Allow to read
local docs to superuser even he is actually logged in as simple user.

  • Fix a bug causing extra slashes to be added in text fields (if

they were containing specific characters) while adding dependancies
(bug #2864, bug #4406).

  • Theme updates: new themes "light2" and "softgreen" added,

"startrek" removed (funny but not really usable).

  • Mention popular themes in site statistics.
  • Add help ballon to icons associated to users names, in item

comments, that describe user role regarding the project or the item
(bug #4415).

  • Disallow originator email field to be shown to anyone but anonymous

users (required by the code, bug #4428).

  • Restrict the search box on the left menu to do only site specific

searches, add the necessary counter-part in group areas to do group
specific searches (bug #4429).


  • Fix a bug causing GPG group keyrings not be correctly updated, if

a new member of the project has his keys registered in another group
keyring a while ago (bug #2838).
You may have to clean up all registered keyrings by running
rm -f `find /home -name "ascii-public-key"`
assuming that your users account are in /home.

  • Use File::Temp to make temporary file, instead of poorly

reinventing the wheel (bug #2852).

  • Added --big-cleanup option to sv_cleaner, to do a massive cleanup

that, for instance, remove items of deleted groups. It is recommended
to do a database backup the first time you use this option.
This should run once per week, or per month (bug #1863).

  • Scripts useful only when use with another service (like a cvs

server) that is not part of Savane have now the prefix sv_extra,
instead of simply sv_.

  • sv_nurse_ramfs removed, way too specific, not Savane related.
  • sys_miscdir configuration option was removed, so

now takes --dumpdir as argument to replace that setting.

  • sv_reminder: cleanups that should avoid mails to be sent if no

recipient has been determined.


  • Dates have been removed from the "Advanced" query form (too

inconvenient in several cases), but they are now in the "By Date"
default query form.

  • Summary and Original Submission are now part of the criteria of

the "Advanced" query form.


That's all folks!


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