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Article: Using the GNU Arch version control system for your project

Item posted by Jérôme Marant <jerome> on Sat 06 Mar 2004 06:35:46 PM UTC.

How do I use GNU Arch for my project?

(We assume that you already used your download area, that everything worked
well. If it is not the case, please read the related FAQ entries first)

There is currently more than one way to work with GNU arch: the decentralized
way and the centralized way.

  • Setting up a public archive mirror (decentralized way)

The most common way of using arch is the decentralized way: the developer
works with his local archive and publishes it on a regular basis.

Let's assume is your local archive, where
'project' is your project name.

Firstly, setup your public archive at with the following command
('archive-2004' is the symbolic name for your public archive location)

tla make-archive --listing --mirror \

Then, synchronize your public archive:

tla archive-mirror

Usually, it is more practical to synchronize your public archive whenever
commits are done into the local archive. This can be achieved by the means
of a commit hook. A hook is a small shell script that is run by tla when
commands are run. It is located at ~/.arch-params/hook.

Here is an example:


if [ "$1" == "commit" ]; then
tla archive-mirror ;

(Please note that your public mirror is locally know as

  • Setting up a centralized public archive

If you want several developers to commit direclty into the same public
archive, you may be interested in making the public archive the main one,
so every authorized commiter can access it at any time.

This can be done that way:

tla make-archive --listing \

  • Accessing a tla project archive

Firstly, register the tla archive with:

tla register-archive \

Then, retrieve the archive revision into a local directory:

tla get local-directory

For more details about GNU arch, please consider reading the documentation
available at
A community wiki is also worth browsing at

This article comes from the FAQ entry:


Message: 118
RE: Is it secure ? (posted by yeupou, Sat 13 Mar 2004 06:39:28 PM UTC)

Hum, pserver is not used at Gna! for authentication, because of it's too long history of security holes.

SSH allow authenticated access. SSH is used with Arch, like with any other tools at Gna!.

Basically, projects members can remove the data of their projects, if they want to: they can remove stuff from the arch repository as well as they can remove packages from the download area.

However, we keeps backups, in case of trouble, and I suppose that a member of a project that behave badly will be dropped off the project in a short time. So I guess it is not a big issue.

Thread Author Date
Is it secure ?marvThu 11 Mar 2004 09:50:31 AM UTC
      RE: Is it secure ?yeupouSat 13 Mar 2004 06:39:28 PM UTC


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