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Status October 2004 posted by fabien_, Tue 12 Oct 2004 01:35:24 PM UTC - 27 replies
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Status October 2004

Item posted by Fabien VALLON <fabien_> on Tue 12 Oct 2004 01:35:24 PM UTC.

Hi GNUsteppers,

The ImageApps homepage at has been down for a while now.
Meanwhile, we moved ImageApps completly to, you can find the new project
homepage at .

We also made some new releases, nothing spectacular but some minor improvements
and bugfixes. You can find detailed informations in the application's and framework's
changelogs. Here is a short list of what changed:

Preview 0.7: some improvments and bugfixes (save image works now)

ViewPDF 0.9: some minor bugfixes and changes: uses NSToolbar, the Outline is shared
between all open documents, the menu has been restructured. Searching is now much
faster and more stable. I also started working on printing but this has to wait until the
1.0 release.

Camera 0.8: no changes the since last release

SlideShow 0.1: first (unstable) version

PDFKit 0.8: improved searching and some other things. (Hopefully) better detection
of freetype at compile-time on linux systems.

CameraKit: new framework that allows to access digital cameras. CameraKit is based
on libgphoto.

SlideShowKit: framework that is used by SlideShow. Can also be used by other
applications that need slide-show functionality.

You can download all applications and frameworks at:

Bug-reports, suggestions and patches are always welcome (as well as sucess-stories &#65532;

Stefan, Fabien


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