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Keduca Shrinker and recent Keduca releases posted by yeupou, Tue Jan 31 13:17:40 2006 - 2 replies
Keduca Shrinker now available posted by yeupou, Sat Apr 23 11:17:10 2005 - 2 replies
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Keduca Shrinker and recent Keduca releases

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Tue Jan 31 13:17:40 2006.

Very recent versions of Keduca shipped by Debian features .edu in a cryptic format. Sad news, that makes keduca-shrinker as distributed into the debian package useless.

I tried to found out what cause the XML to know be unreadable without success.

The only option I found to be able to continue using Keduca was to use previous the Keduca version.
As I'm using Debian etch on most desktop workstations, it means that I had to rebuild this previous version debian package, designed for Debian sarge, to make it run on Debian etch. The resulting built is unclean, as a simple dpkg-buildpackage did not work, I had to play with the build process to avoid fatal errors.

My debian package is in the download area. If you use it, you will probably want to put the package on "hold" status, by doing something like:

root@eos:~# dpkg --get-selections > /etc/apt/sel
root@eos:~# emacs /etc/apt/sel
root@eos:~# dpkg --set-selections < /etc/apt/sel

where when you edit sel, you put "hold" on the line of keduca, in place of "installed".

But this solution proved to be also flawed. For some reasons, superflous characters like extra "&" shows up in the list of possible answers, which is quite unsettling.

I posted a mail to the kde-edu list, (not visible yet in the archives).

I'd be happy if anyone was able to either fix keduca recent release or provide an old release still working on recent systems. Not knowing C++ and having no time to learn it, I cannot do it by myself.


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