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download+homepage subsystem automatically reinstalled

Item posted by Beuc <beuc> on Sun 02 Mar 2014 09:53:20 PM UTC. & was reinstalled with Debian Wheezy 64-bit. Let us know if there's any issue.

As previously mentionned the system now uses configuration management allowing automated reinstalls, and we even share the recipes - 100%-free-hosting spirit :)

Also we fixed so a few of you will receive the first Gna! news by e-mail after a long hiatus :]


Message: 21667
RE: Uploading not working. (posted by bugman, Mon 03 Mar 2014 09:57:04 PM UTC)

If needed, here are the rsync debugging message:

$ rsync --delete -avvv --progress --no-perms --partial --rsh="ssh" .>
opening connection using: ssh -l bugman rsync --server -vvvlogDtre.iLsf --delete --partial . /upload/relax/
sending incremental file list
[sender] make_file(.,*,0)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.Darwin.dmg,*,2)
[sender] make_file(manual,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.src.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.src.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.Darwin.dmg,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.src.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.Darwin.dmg.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.Darwin.dmg.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.src.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.src.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(upload,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.Darwin.dmg.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.src.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.Darwin.dmg,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.5.GNU-Linux.i686.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.GNU-Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.Darwin.dmg,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-2.2.5.src.tar.bz2,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.4.src.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.src.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.Darwin.dmg.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.src.tar.bz2.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.1.6.Darwin.dmg.sig,*,2)
[sender] make_file(relax-3.0.2.Darwin.dmg,*,2)
send_file_list done
send_files starting
[sender] make_file(manual/relax_next.pdf,*,2)
[sender] make_file(manual/relax.pdf,*,2)
server_recv(2) starting pid=8775

This is where it hangs. The file manual/relax_next.pdf is new and should upload.

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