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Version 0.98 comming...
     posted by kritzikratzi, Sat Oct 17 12:31:05 2009 - 0 replies

Hey there!

Now worries, this project is not dead, yet!
There will be a new version 0.98 in a few days, it's already in the trunk if you wanna play around with it.

New features:
None, but it doesn't break processing >= 1.06 anymore :)

Version 0.97 is here!
     posted by kritzikratzi, Mon Mar 16 22:06:31 2009 - 0 replies
  • Added javadocs
  • Did a little svn cleanup
  • Example on the webpage now has syntax highlighting woohoo

(Sorry..., just a maintainance release)

As always, grab it from here:

Version 0.96 is out!
     posted by kritzikratzi, Sat Nov 22 20:25:14 2008 - 0 replies

Get it from here:

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