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Le premier language pack pour Firefox !
     posted by gassla, Wed Oct 24 08:48:28 2007 - 0 replies

Le premier language pack pour Firefox est prĂȘt pour le test.

Gnome 2.16: Bug-buddy
     posted by gassla, Mon Jul 3 05:55:44 2006 - 0 replies

Vita sady efa ao anaty cvs ny dikaten'ny bug-buddy ho an'ny Gnome 2.16:

The goal of bug-buddy is to make reporting bugs very simple and easy for users,
while making the reports themselves more useful and informative for developers.
It can extract debugging information from a core file or crashed application
(via gnome_segv).

Gnome: metacity
     posted by gassla, Fri Jun 30 15:01:40 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny metacity ho an'ny GNOME 2.16:

Metacity is a small window manager, using gtk2 to do everything.

As the author says, metacity is a "Boring window manager for the adult in you. Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops; Metacity is like Cheerios."

Gnome 2.16: gconf-editor
     posted by gassla, Tue Jun 20 19:51:09 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny gconf-editor ho an'ny GNOME 2.16:

GConf-Editor is a tool used for editing the GConf configuration database.
This is not the recommended way of setting desktop preferences, but it might be useful when the proper configuration utility for some software provides no way of changing some option.

Gnome 2.16: gedit
     posted by gassla, Tue Jun 20 19:50:26 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny GEDIT ho an'ny GNOME 2.16:

gedit is a text editor which supports most standard editor features,
extending this basic functionality with other features not usually
found in simple text editors. gedit is a graphical application which ...

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Vita ny gnome-utils sy ny gnome-control-center ary ny gnome-backgrounds
     posted by gassla, Tue May 30 13:30:49 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ireo omaly dia efa lasa ao amin'ny gnome 2.16 .

faha-68 isika, 4970 ny voadika(15.18%) .

Gnome 2.16: GDM2
     posted by gassla, Sat May 13 22:08:13 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny dikaten'ny GDM2 ho an'ny Gnome 2.16

Momba azy :

Gnome: vita ny dikateny ny epiphany
     posted by gassla, Mon May 8 20:27:36 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny Epiphany ho an'ny Gnome 2.16

Gnome: vita ny nautilus
     posted by gassla, Tue May 2 19:52:33 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny nautilus ho an'ny gnome 2.16 .

Gnome: vita ny nautilus-cd-burner
     posted by gassla, Tue Apr 25 21:08:10 2006 - 0 replies

Vita ny nautilus-cd-burner ho an'ny Gnome 2.16 :

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Gnome: vita ny gnome-panel posted by gassla, Thu Apr 20 07:59:09 2006 - 0 replies
Vita ny gnome-desktop posted by gassla, Sun Apr 9 12:47:05 2006 - 0 replies
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