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KsirK is now part of the kdegames package
     posted by kleag, Wed May 14 22:37:01 2008 - 0 replies

KsirK is now part of the kdegames package and should be released with the upcoming KDE 4.1.
Its sources are in the KDE development tree and bugs should be reported in the KDE bug tracking system.
The Gna hosting remains only for historical reasons. I would like to thanks the Gna team for hosting this project during its maturation. The service is really great and pleasant to use. Keep up the good work!

Release of KsirK 1.3 beta 2
     posted by kleag, Wed Aug 17 08:44:46 2005 - 0 replies

I'm very happy to announce the realease of the second network playable version of KsirK !

This is beta but all network features are implemented, extended testing need to be done. Since beta1, the followings have been completed:

* Networked i18n ...

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Realease of KSirK 1.3 beta1
     posted by kleag, Mon Aug 8 22:52:21 2005 - 0 replies

I'm very happy to announce the realease of the first network playable version of KsirK !

This is beta and thus unfinished. Some things don't work:
- network only (no local multi player game);
- default skin only;
- crash on client disconnect;
- list of available countries not updated (so users must be careful!);
- payer identification flag not updated.


KsirK migration to Subversion and bksys
     posted by kleag, Sun Jun 5 21:03:29 2005 - 0 replies


Today I asked the Gna team to migrate the KsirK codebase to Subversion instead of CVS. I was convinced to do so after reading the Subversion book and trying it on another project. It is really a great enhancement in a user perspective. ...

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Release of KsirK 1.2 final
     posted by kleag, Mon Apr 4 21:51:36 2005 - 0 replies

One month after the release of KsirK 1.2 beta1, there was no bug report, so I am pleased to announce the immediate release of KsirK 1.2.
It is downloadable in the Files section as source, source RPM and binary RPM for Mandrake 10.1 and KDE 3.4. ...

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Working on 1.4, mainly networked game, is starting
     posted by kleag, Sat Mar 5 21:24:12 2005 - 0 replies

After the tagging of version 1.2, I can start to work on the next major version, 1.4, with network playing enabled.

This version will use libkdegames, so it will probably necessitate rewriting a lot of code. As I will not have much time (apart for bug correction on 1.2 branch if needed) until my next vacations, this new version will probably not be available before august.

Please be patients :-)


All 1.2 features ready ; release within 1 week ; tagging CVS now
     posted by kleag, Sat Mar 5 21:17:49 2005 - 0 replies

If no grave bug is reported within one week, I will release the 1.2 version on march 12.

If you want to report a bug, make it now !!

Immediate release of KsirK 1.2 beta1
     posted by kleag, Thu Mar 3 21:34:13 2005 - 0 replies

Release of KsirK 1.2 beta1

I'm very pleased to announce the availability of KsirK version 1.2 beta1. KsirK is a strategy game inspired by the well known game Risk. It runs under KDE or any Linux system with the KDE libs and is released under the ...

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CVS tagged to ksirk_release_1_2_beta1
     posted by kleag, Wed Mar 2 23:03:21 2005 - 0 replies

Today, KsirK cvs repository has been tagged for the release of the 1.2beta1 version. When packaging will be done and published on this site, an official annouce will be made.

KsirK 1.2 beta1 soon availaible !
     posted by kleag, Wed Feb 23 23:35:08 2005 - 0 replies

Really soon, KsirK 1.2 beta1 will be made available on this site. It includes great new features and a lot less bugs than in 1.1.

Most part of these improvements are already in CVS. You can try them.

Extract of the ChangeLog :
2005/02/23 ...

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KsirK revival ! posted by kleag, Tue Aug 24 20:48:49 2004 - 0 replies
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