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Release 2.0.11
     posted by yeupou, Mon 04 Dec 2006 02:19:16 PM UTC - 0 replies

Pdbv 2.0.11 is released today, it includes several patches submitted on the debian BTS. Thanks a lot to Christian Perrier for his assistance in this regard.

Release 2.0.10
     posted by yeupou, Sun 06 Mar 2005 04:34:10 PM UTC - 0 replies

I'm glad to announce pdbv 2.0.10.

* Cleanup of the information page. Now it mentions the number
of packages found (total plus by section and by usage), the hard disk
space used.
* i18n updates.

The online demo as been updated: ...

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Release 2.0.9
     posted by yeupou, Sun 09 May 2004 03:24:37 PM UTC - 1 reply

Pdbv 2.0.9 is released today.

New in pdbv 2.0.9:

* Typo fix in french i18n.
* Italian i18n added.

GPG-signed packages:

Apt-get source (for /etc/apt/sources.list):
deb pdbv.perl.pkg/

Release 2.0.8
     posted by yeupou, Sun 28 Mar 2004 05:24:29 PM UTC - 0 replies

pdbv 2.0.8 is released today.

New in pdbv 2.0.8:

* Use the xhtml 1.0 frameset (closes: bug #242).
* New method to handle orphan removal. Force is no longer the default
option, and find is no longer required (closes: bug #295).

GPG-signed packages:

GPG-signed announce:

Release 2.0.7
     posted by yeupou, Sat 06 Mar 2004 08:18:55 AM UTC - 0 replies

pdbv 2.0.7 is released.

New in pdbv 2.0.7:

* The default is now to regenerate the whole output completely, as
it appears to be faster. It may need some tests on different
* Links between packages. ...

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New hosting location!
     posted by yeupou, Tue 03 Feb 2004 12:37:18 PM UTC - 0 replies

pdbv moved to Gna!, there's no much to say about it.

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