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Combat of Death participating in Code Yard
     posted by hylke, Thu Mar 9 07:44:02 2006 - 0 replies

On my highschool there was some sorta contest called Code Yard( dutch website: The goal of the project is to give students a preview of what programming is all about. The project has to be Open Source related, so we will have to use OSS. ...

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Serious performance issues
     posted by hylke, Fri Dec 9 21:07:36 2005 - 0 replies

After updating the 3ds, and trying to render a new 3ds model, i've found out that we're having some serious performance issues.
It got all slow(like 3 FPS) when only rendering 65000 polygons, while my card should be able to render milions per second.
So currently i'm breaking my skull on this problem, trying to figure out why it's so slow, so I can fix this problem.

Combat of Death not dead!!
     posted by hylke, Wed Nov 2 13:57:06 2005 - 0 replies

Although I've haven't posted much news here, that doesn't mean that Combat of Death is dead.
Almost daily commits :-p
I'm currently working on the CoDmap class, that can load, export and render a map(of the map format CoDmap).
It's almost time to test the map, and i'm thinking of bundling some classes like CoDmap and Object to release a lib, for loading, rendering and exporting maps.
I will keep y'all informed if I do.

Development screenshot avaible
     posted by hylke, Wed Aug 17 15:19:47 2005 - 0 replies

I've got some good news.
I've uploaded some development screenshots, so you can see what's going on.
Note that those screenshots are quite large(in both KiloBytes and width & height), so for you 56k users(if they still exist), it can take some time. ...

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New developer
     posted by hylke, Sat Jul 23 10:34:58 2005 - 0 replies

Sup folks,
I'm proud to announce that another developer has joined the team to help creating this game.
Congratulations Kevin and welcome to the team.

Back from Vacation
     posted by hylke, Sun Jul 17 20:35:10 2005 - 0 replies

Sup y'all,
I'm back from vacation(I've went to Danmark, but that's not important).
So what that means is, I'Il be back writing code/bugs.
So get ready for the latest revision, because it's getting launched to morrow or so.
Greetz Hylke

almost on vacation
     posted by fregoth, Wed Jul 13 15:27:18 2005 - 0 replies

Hello guys,

Just a few minuts ago I update the source again. This time you can press more then one key at the same time, witch makes it able for you to walk forward an sidewards at the dame time;) Also I cleaned up the code a bitt. I parted the ...

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Some bugs fixed etc.
     posted by fregoth, Sun Jul 3 18:04:15 2005 - 0 replies

Hello folks,

this is the first time that I submit some news, because I finally got some news. I managed to compile the project on windows! It toke me a while because I was busy white school and all kind of thinks went wrong with installing the ...

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Documentation online
     posted by hylke, Sun Jun 26 10:06:24 2005 - 0 replies

Sup folks,
From now on, there will be documentation online of our source code.
It isn't complete yet, but we're working on it.
You can find the html version of the documentation at:
The latex version:
Have phun.

Revision 50
     posted by hylke, Fri Jun 24 13:29:19 2005 - 0 replies

Our latest subversion source is currently at revision 50.
I have to admit, it's not really spectecular, but honestly I did not think we would get this far.
It can even render 3ds models(not sure wheter it renders it correctly, but hey it renders something).
Btw, if you want to join this project, send me a message or whatever, I'Il be glad to add you to the team.

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