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Test Framework
     posted by asmodehn, Sun Jun 20 08:14:35 2010 - 4 replies

We are currently implementing complete test suite around Core and SDLut modules of AML. And we already start to see improvements because :
- it helps a lot to define and solidify the API
- we can spot new errors ( introduced in code) very easily
- we can automate checks on all supported platforms
But it is indeed a lot of work...

And more games are being developed right now using AML ;)
Stay tuned !

Recent SDLut improvements
     posted by asmodehn, Fri Jun 15 08:28:33 2007 - 0 replies

Now with the SDL Threads support, SDLut wraps almost every feature of SDL 1.2 ;)

SDL_mixer and SDL_Net optional dependencies have also been added !

So we are heading towards a complete wrapper ;)

However many bugs and improvement of interface can still be done.

Please report any trouble or difficulties using SDLut on any platform.

We would also like to hear from you stories of success of course, dont hesitate to contact us.

Thanks a lot and Enjoy !

P0 2D v0.03 "Files, Collisions & Clean Up"
     posted by asmodehn, Sun Apr 22 12:51:41 2007 - 19 replies

Yes a new version of P0 v0.03 : "Files, Collisions & Clean Up" is available right now in hte download section ;)

You can find a screenshot here :

Please try it and report any comment error or bug you may find.

The graphism will completely change for the next version :) Enjoy this one before it goes away !

Project 0 - 2D v0.02 !!
     posted by xorfacx, Tue Jan 9 18:49:09 2007 - 0 replies

Hello everyone^^,

As the subject say it, P0 v0.02 is available.

Go grab it now, test it and report us feedbacks. All suggestions are welcome.

You can find what's new in this version in the specifications file inside the rar archive... or simply compare to the old one :P



Project 0 - 2D v0.01
     posted by xorfacx, Wed Mar 29 00:03:53 2006 - 0 replies

Enjoy everyone, finally the first version is up and running!!

Windows binaries is available inside the Files Area.

All details in the odt files that comes with the rar archive.

It's the first step on the developement of this extraordinary game. ...

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Under Active Development
     posted by asmodehn, Sat Mar 25 23:15:59 2006 - 0 replies

The SDL wrapper that will be used for AML is under active development. Some tests of different size and complexity are being coded.

It might be worth at some point to create a separated project for it.

A little game example is used to test the SDL wrapper in "real use-case" ...

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SVN Repository re-designed
     posted by asmodehn, Fri Jan 13 04:07:39 2006 - 0 replies

The SVN Repository has been completely redesigned, to make it more clear

now you have two distinct modules SDL and AML.

SDL is the usual C++ wrapper of SDL and AML is the 2D Solo Game Engine.

The build system will be improved in that way

AML depend on SDL, but this might be optional later...

Anyway better to do a full clean checkout :)

Up and running
     posted by asmodehn, Tue Oct 25 10:35:05 2005 - 0 replies

OK this project is up and running now :)

In the CVS you will find :
- a C++ wrapper of SDL, which still need a lot of work, but already works :)
- a beginning of 2D Graphic Engine.
- A little tank game in development which will be used as example for the library development and tests.

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