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News system stopped at
     posted by chgans, Thu Oct 26 20:36:17 2006 - 0 replies

News system from is not used anymmore.
News are now available at

HW burned! :(
     posted by chgans, Fri May 20 19:07:16 2005 - 0 replies

Unfortunately just before making a demo video, i have burn some piece of Hardware! :(
We are going to replace them, we have buy a new PC104 board on ebay, we will replace the defects components on our motion board, hope this will be done soon.

The demo video should have show the robot in autonomous mode (booting from DiskOnChip), controlled by an IR remote.

Wizmotion SW have progressed a little and seems to give very interesting results.

(Big) website update
     posted by chgans, Mon Jan 3 22:45:54 2005 - 0 replies

WISIRC's web site have been updated, here is a summary of changes:
- new doc section (wisirc_archi wizhctl_api)
- new images section (wizcam-1 wizsim-1 wizbot1-20040901)
- english translation (partial)
- new logo/banner and cosmetics redesign
- ...

Still some work to do...

First test of our robot
     posted by chgans, Fri Dec 10 12:58:31 2004 - 0 replies

This summer, we have made the first integration and tests on our robot.
For now we have:
- a carter with motors and wheels
- a back-plane PCB (to plug motors, encoders, power supply, and PC104)
- a WizMove-2 board (4 layers PCB with 3 HCTL1100 and one Xilinx)
- a PC104 main board (i586@100MHz)
- a basic embedded distrib
- Wizmove2 drivers and command tools

Whith these we have successfully test motion control.

There is still a lot of work... :(

New wizmotion board arrived!
     posted by chgans, Tue Jul 20 17:53:43 2004 - 0 replies

We've just received our new PC104 motion board (aka. wizmove2).
Bruno is going to assemble it and we will test it (and all the software stuff) at the beginning august.
Some pictures are available here:

New motion control board
     posted by chgans, Fri Jul 2 17:33:06 2004 - 0 replies

Our new motion control board has gone to the manufacturing, we will receive it soon.
Congratulation to Bruno our HardWare guy who has designed this board.
Feature of the board:
- Three HP HCTL1100 individually controlable
- DC motor (PWM) and/or Step motor command ...

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Motors and wheels for our Bot'
     posted by chgans, Wed Mar 17 14:17:35 2004 - 0 replies

We just come to buy 3 engines and 3 rooler-wheels.
"The construction of the chassis is imminent" said Bruno.
Still need to make the 3xHCTL1100 board, and software to manage it...

WISIRC is now an official organization
     posted by chgans, Wed Mar 17 14:11:17 2004 - 0 replies

The WISIRC team is proud to announce that WISIRC is now an official organization, registered at the "Registre des Associations du Tribunal d'instance de céans" under the reference "Volume : 31. Folio n°91".
Long life to WISIRC!

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RACHEL and WISIRC for a collaboration? posted by chgans, Wed Mar 17 14:06:38 2004 - 0 replies
WISIRC is now hosted at gna! posted by chgans, Wed Mar 17 14:02:53 2004 - 0 replies
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