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B parsing is complete
     posted by scolin, Mon 16 Apr 2012 04:22:19 PM UTC - 0 replies

As of the last few months, the bparser of BCaml was modified. The end result is that we have a B grammar without any shift/reduce of reduce/reduce conflict.

Although the grammar is not as restrictive as it should be for e.g. B implementations, the parser should now work for correct B machines of any existing B project.

CSP||B tool for calculating control loop invariants
     posted by scolin, Mon 30 Nov 2009 06:01:23 PM UTC - 0 replies

Added as of today to the extension tools of Brillant/BCaml, a tool developed by Huu Nghia Nguyen from the LORIA/Dedale team for his internship.

For the theory behind, take a look at

In practice, after receiving the source at ...

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BiCoax, a Coq library for B, is in the repository
     posted by scolin, Tue 02 Sep 2008 02:54:50 PM UTC - 0 replies

Coq libraries for B have entered the BRILLANT project under the BiCoax name. These libraries are meant as a future replacement for BPhoX, as PhoX is not maintained anymore: this seems a good excuse to transfer BPhoX knowledge to Coq, whose longevity is more ensured. ...

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Alpha (debian) package : brillant-core
     posted by gmariano, Tue 29 Jan 2008 11:57:45 AM UTC - 1 reply

A new (debian) package is available in the download area.
It is still in alpha stage but provides a small set of B tools (parser, proof obligation generator, xsl transformation,...) and uses the phox prover to discharge proof obligations. ...

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New jabber chatroom / nouveau salon jabber
     posted by scolin, Mon 28 Jan 2008 04:51:22 PM UTC - 0 replies

We moved the jabber chatroom to:
so as to get logs of the discussions, available here:


Le salon de discussion est déplacé vers:
de façon à avoir un archivage des discussions, disponibles ici:

Changement wiki / Wiki change
     posted by scolin, Fri 13 Apr 2007 10:20:28 AM UTC - 0 replies

Due à des migrations de serveurs, l'adresse du wiki est désormais la suivante :

Due to server migrations, the url of the Brillant wiki is as follows:

Le wiki pour le projet BRILLANT
     posted by gmariano, Wed 28 Feb 2007 01:19:55 PM UTC - 0 replies

Pour accélerer et ouvrir les réflexions autour du développement de la plateforme BRILLANT un (média)wiki est disponible à l'adresse suivante :

Entrée libre et gratuite.

     posted by scolin, Mon 12 Feb 2007 04:05:43 PM UTC - 0 replies

The source repository of BRILLANT has been transformed from CVS to Subversion. Details for checking it out are in the "Source Code" tab at the top of the page.

Normally now the subdirectories are as follows :
- website/ where the website holds, obviously. The move had already been made by Gna! admins ...

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     posted by scolin, Thu 14 Dec 2006 12:23:46 PM UTC - 0 replies

Un wiki vient d'être mis en place. Demandez son URL aux membres du projet !

Remise à niveau des outils de la plateforme
     posted by scolin, Mon 11 Dec 2006 02:22:53 PM UTC - 0 replies

Au sommaire :
- Style LaTeX B2
- Remise à jour de tout

Un nouveau style LaTeX pour B a fait son apparition. Il s'appelle B2, et fait appel au package listings de pretty-printing de code source. Ça fonctionne plutôt bien, certains trucs un peu exotiques de B ne fonctionnent pas (encore), vous êtes invités à le tester. ...

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