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I am a French student in mechanical engineering. I have started to learn my job by two years of scientific studies in the Lycée Joffre of Montpellier. Those efforts allow me to enter the engineering school of Supméca in Toulon where I stayed one year and half. Then I went to Guimarães for doing a 6 months project in the fluid mechanics laboratory of Do Minho. Today I am following a Master in wind energy since one year and a half in DTU, close to Copenhagen. My home university is still Supméca but I have spent more time abroad, I like to discover new cultures. -my CV in French-

Today's activity

I am doing my final project supervised by Martin O.L. Hansen and Nicolas Chauvat from Logilab, a compagny expert in Python. Lyudmyla Yushchenko-Boultareau from Supméca follows my exchange period. My subject title is "Free software for wind turbine modeling", an outdated description can be found here and I will try to keep this page up to date for describing my progress. I am supposed to finish on the 31th August 2007.

Project motivation

'Our common future' is one of the expression used by the Danish Wind Industry Association for solving the wind energy issue. Windmills are associated with an ecological ethics, as a part of a general interest. I want to promote that point of view by working on engineering softwares for wind turbines under public license.

One of the expectations is to give a design access to people denied from it today. Having those people joining the development could be a new way to advertise wind energy towards the opposition. The French one, Vent de Colère, claims indeed that windmills are supporting political and economical benefits, far away from the public interest of ecology.


I have started the Huri Batash project for simulating wind turbine rotors in steady conditions. XFOIL was successfully wrapped but still have some weird behaviors. A first Python package has been released but needs more work. The release was mainly for the MBDyn sim suite dependencie.
The work around the MBDyn solver for simulating a complete wind turbine under unsteady conditions is progressing. The two models on MBDyn sim suite have been improved. However power curves can not be got yet because a controller is needed. A turbine illustration in Blender as well as package installer have been done.


Finally MBDyn is being wrapped as a library for doing the control from Python. The bindings will be done with SWIG. For building the project, SCons is already in use on the SVN.
For Huri Batash, the documentation needs to be updated and the Xfoil module now included inside the BEM code.


Skill Level Experience
C Base Knowledge < 6 Months
C++ Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Fortran Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Gtk+ Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Python Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
LaTeX Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
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