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Developer wanted for Qemu Launcher

Submitted By: linas
Date: Sat Dec 1 19:34:38 2007
Status: Open


Qemu Launcher provides a graphical front-end to all basic, and many advanced QEMU computer emulator options. It allows you to create, save, and run multiple virtual machine configurations, create and convert disk images.

Qemu Launcher utilizes the full system emulation mode of QEMU that allows you to run unmodified operating system on virtual hardware.

Qemu Launcher also supports launching virtual machines from the command line, by specifying the configuration name:

qemu-launcher 'Configuration name'

Note that you still need a graphical environment to do this, unless the virtual machine is set to start in non-graphics mode.

Note also that this project is completely unrelated to the similarly named qemulauncher project registered on SourceForge in 2009. That one is Windows oriented and written in VB.NET, whilst this one is Perl based and targets Linux, OSX and Windows.


Perl interpreter
Gtk2 Perl module
Gtk2::GladeXML Perl module
Locale::gettext Perl module
QEMU emulator suite

License GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status
: 5 - Production/Stable

Details (job description, contact ...):

Help is needed in keeping things from falling apart. There are patches and translations that need to be integrated into the application. Taking part in upstream development is also an option.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
PERL Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Gtk+ Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Subversion Good Knowledge < 6 Months
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