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Graphic/Other Designer wanted for Coondog

Submitted By: emeitner
Date: Thu Mar 2 03:39:38 2006
Status: Open

Coondog is a tool for configuring and controlling IPSec VPNs. It is not meant for advanced VPN use, as not all options and combinations of options are available. I have tried to make the application as easy to use as possible, sacrificing flexibility as a result. If you need more flexibility, you probably don’t need a GUI.

Coondog will work on most GNU/Linux Desktop environments which supports GTK applications.

You may notice a similarity between Coondog and another VPN tool for Mac OS X: IPSecuritas. This is purely intentional, The folk(s) at Lobotomo Software did a great job and I thought I would model Coondog after theirs.

The underlying system is the Racoon IKE daemon and setkey for manipulating the IPSec policies in the kernel. There are two programs:

* - this script runs with user-level priviledges and provides the GUI. With it the user creates/edits the VPN configurations and controls which VPNs are active.
* - This script is called by It runs SUID root and is used to run Racoon and setkey and do do other tasks that require root priviledges.

License GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status
: 4 - Beta

Details (job description, contact ...):

The icon for Coondog is taken from some open-source collection , but I would prefer to have a more original one. It should be easy. The name of the application certainly provides some starting point.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience

(No Skill Inventory Set Up)

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