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Developer wanted for WISIRC robotic project

Submitted By: chgans
Date: Wed Apr 7 21:44:38 2004
Status: Open

WISIRC is a robotic project, initially created by an ancient robotic french team (CRISIM, participating to the french "E=M6" robotic cup.
WISIRC is a set of project helping to build a complete autonomous robot. It is composed of different kind of project like:
- Hardware projects: Boards for some captors/actuators
- Boards driver, libs and tools.
- Customized embedded GNU/Linux distro.
- Software for robot commandability (Artificial intelligent based)
- 3D simulator based on ODE (Open Dynamic Engine)
- etc, ...
All these are "LibreSoftware" and "LibreHardware". Hardware and Mecanic (ie. all schematics, plans, etc...) are licensed under FDL, all software are licensed under the GPL.

This project was originaly hosted by ...

License GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status
: 2 - Pre-Alpha

Details (job description, contact ...):

WISIRC project is in a quite alpha stage.

We are looking for people who want to make a GUI (GTK, QT or what you want;) for a basic robot supervision.

For now we are working hard on:
- embedded GNU/Linux distro
- specific hardware and their drivers
- Artificial Intelligence (for now a simple "expert system")
- 3D simulator
- Embedded Vision

Our objective for this summer is to test some components together (Mecanics, motors, distance sensors, odometry, AI and perhaps Simulator and vision).

But we are lacking of a graphical host interface that will display in "real-time" the géographic evolution of our robot with the distance value... :(

The goal of this job will consist in building this interface, while keeping in minds that this interface will be just a quick prototype only for the tests.
Because after this summer we will stabilize (and perhaps re-design) the protocols involved and we will think about the most important thing: "What are we wanting for the supervision?", for sure a powerful GUI that will permit to observ/interact/analyze the most deep inside of the robot! ;o)

Required Skills:

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