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Project Manager wanted for MAGEWARS - Magewars, Ambition & Guildhouses: Experimental Warlord-Adventurer Storyteller

Submitted By: argento
Date: Sun Mar 29 17:21:19 2015
Status: Open

The now so called 'Project Codename "MAGEWARS"' explains itself briefly in being a recursive acronym (Magewars, Ambition & Guildhouses: Experimental Warlord-Adventurer Real-time Storyteller). The game will be a hybrid between an open-world, real-time RPG and a management strategy videogame. The player will create his character[s] choosing among several classes as well as among 'x' "Origins", which will provide her/him with a starting background history. This will influence which of the seven available starting locations will be accessible to him. From a simple encampment with a bonfire, a (I very much hope so!) breathtaking story will flood the character which in the meantime will have to struggle, fight, take choices while dealing with nearby inhabitants, be they friend or foe, and improve his humble tent to the mightiest stronghold; she/he will adventure in a quest to acquire precious allies and resources to raise the highest towers or dig deep underground building a dungeon while exploring the unknown.

License Other, GPL Compatible
Development Status
: 1 - Planning

Details (job description, contact ...):

As Licensing Manager, your job consists in devoting a part of your time into the defence of MAGEWARS by helping out in keeping consistence in terms of licensing.

Free Software Licenses are a delicate issue: we want MAGEWARS to start free, grow free, be born free and forever stay free.

Still, we want it to be protected.

To protect this software doesn't absolutely mean patenting, applying absurd policies regarding "intellectual property" and so on. It rather has to do with the following facts:

0. MAGEWARS has and will have very clever and good ideas in terms of mechanics (coding, game mechanics), art (plot, visual art) and design (game concept, the message it wants to spread); on principle, being MAGEWARS free as in freedom, we will certainly allow eventual forks, mods, usage of part of its code etc. That would be borrowing information and wouold be good. What we don't want is malicious companies taking our ideas and implementing them into proprietary software. That WOULDN'T be good.

1. MAGEWARS has several dependancies which have been declared when the project was submitted. Those could (they will) change. We want neither any licensing "hole" nor any obscure package combinations involountarily involved.

2. MAGEWARS is Free Software and the appropriate license should be chosen and determined for each component; developers and all eventual future contributors to the project who aren't competent about licensing issues need your help!

You are an expert in Free Software realeases and have already participated in various releases and have a flair for the clear understanding of licenses; you have excellent communication skills and are able to explain the hows and the whys of specific licensing issues; you know how to credit authors and how to write down an in game correct "credits" entry to display and what licensing related text files we shall include into our releases (or the release you are wishing to contribute to).

Commitment is can be temporary (for one release) or permanent (for the whole duration of the project).

You will be credited as Licensing Manager yourself.

Legal competence would be a plus.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
Python Base Knowledge < 6 Months
GNU Coding Standards Master 2 yr - 5 yr
Software Licensing Expert 2 yr - 5 yr
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