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Developer wanted for MAGEWARS - Magewars, Ambition & Guildhouses: Experimental Warlord-Adventurer Storyteller

Submitted By: argento
Date: Sat May 16 09:35:52 2015
Status: Open

The now so called 'Project Codename "MAGEWARS"' explains itself briefly in being a recursive acronym (Magewars, Ambition & Guildhouses: Experimental Warlord-Adventurer Real-time Storyteller). The game will be a hybrid between an open-world, real-time RPG and a management strategy videogame. The player will create his character[s] choosing among several classes as well as among 'x' "Origins", which will provide her/him with a starting background history. This will influence which of the seven available starting locations will be accessible to him. From a simple encampment with a bonfire, a (I very much hope so!) breathtaking story will flood the character which in the meantime will have to struggle, fight, take choices while dealing with nearby inhabitants, be they friend or foe, and improve his humble tent to the mightiest stronghold; she/he will adventure in a quest to acquire precious allies and resources to raise the highest towers or dig deep underground building a dungeon while exploring the unknown.

License Other, GPL Compatible
Development Status
: 1 - Planning

Details (job description, contact ...):

As engine developer you help MAGEWARS' startup by contributing to its core work, which is coding the main game engine.

As per the project's description, we want to make use of python + pygame and I (Paolo Victor Maria 'pvd' Distefano) propose the use of the free software called 'Tiled' paired with free graphic resources.

We want to make two experiments from which we'll decide how to go on:

1. Orthogonal tile maps
2. Isometric tile maps

From my experience, the second possibility would be more interesting, yet more difficult under every aspect (i.e. not only for the coding, but for the map creation itself, also).

The basic map rendering is, on principle, not complicated: Tiled parses an XML file that defines tile positions and layers. These should be recursively read and rendered (a simple orthogonal test succeeded). From there, the job consists in helping me out in implementing the design ideas and, eventually, to go on with the development of all game mechanics.

I offer credits equal to mine for whoever would apply to this position from this stage on, still it is my wish to retain my original design idea.
New features, additions and ideas are obviously accepted and everything that adds more to the project is warmly welcome.

I don't ask total python mastery, but a minimal confidence is required; a general solid programmer's mindset and knowledge/attitude is instead mandatory, since the development of a game from almost scratch requires lots of hacking.

Whoever is interested can contact me per e-mail: the scarce source code is not in repository, yet, thus I would send it, for now, privately.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
GNU Coding Standards Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Python Good Knowledge < 6 Months
Subversion Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
XML Master 2 yr - 5 yr
GNU/Linux Expert 2 yr - 5 yr
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