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Active members on duty

  Member Resume and Skills
Project MemberStéphane Urbanovski <babar> View Skills
Project AdministratorBeuc <beuc> View Skills
Project MemberPaul Pogonyshev <doublep> Set to private
Project MemberEric S. Raymond <esr> Set to private
Project MemberSergey Poznyakoff <gray> View Skills
Project MemberLoic Dachary <loic> Set to private
Project MemberMichal Golunski <migol> View Skills
Project MemberMichael J. Flickinger <mjflick> View Skills
Project MemberNic Ferrier <nferrier> Set to private
Project MemberOlaf Lenz <olenz> Set to private
Project MemberPhilippe Roy <phroy> View Skills
Project MemberRudy Gevaert <rudy> Set to private
Project MemberSergi Domènech <sergi> Set to private
Project MemberMatteo Settenvini <tchernobog> View Skills
Project MemberTobias Quathamer <toddy> View Skills
Project MemberTimothee Besset <ttimo> View Skills
Project MemberMathieu Roy <yeupou> View Skills
Project MemberYves Perrin <ype> Set to private
Project MemberVincent Caron <zerodeux> View Skills

Currently inactive members

  Member Resume and Skills
SquadSecurity Team <savane-security> Set to private

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