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The scope of the toolkit is code and data whose purpose is to alter a data set according to time. A very simple example is when a function is used to change the position of an object within a 3D scene. A more complex example is a humanoid 3D character walking and waving her hand. An unusual example is a flickering light, i.e. the intensity of the light is changed according to time.

animtk is now merged in OpenSceneGraph, you can get some help here

irc: #openscenegraph

Registration Date: Thu Nov 16 15:44:37 2006
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


Latest News 
Release Version 0.0.9
     posted by cpinson, Thu Oct 23 21:09:03 2008 - 0 replies

The 0.0.9 release drastically simplifies usage for users familiar with OpenSceneGraph by consolidating all of the existing code into a single, standalone NodeKit. Furthermore, all AnimTK-specific data is stored alongside traditional OSG data within ...

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release 0.0.8
     posted by cpinson, Mon Aug 18 14:44:39 2008 - 0 replies
  • new osgATK OpenSceneGraph nodekit
  • new EaseMotion (predefined sampler to animate misc value)
  • new AnimtkViewer application replace the old one
  • blender exporter improvement

More on animtk at[[release 0.0.8]]

Release Version 0.0.7
     posted by cpinson, Mon May 5 21:45:02 2008 - 0 replies
  • Improve blender exporter (skinning and solid animations)
  • Add a osg viewer to see skeleton/skinning export
  • Improve build system (cmake)
  • Add test and coverage
Release Version 0.0.6
     posted by cpinson, Fri Feb 29 14:32:54 2008 - 0 replies
  • added skeletal animation (experimental and really useable)
  • added more examples (osg)
  • added some helper to create easily sampler

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