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aubio is a C library for audio labelling. It can do real-time onset detection (the beginning of notes) and pitch tracking (the height of the notes).

Two command line applications can be found in examples/. Both can run in jack or on static files:

  • *aubioonset* can be run in jack to play the onsets as they are found, or run against an audio file to print the list of onsets.
  • *aubionotes* outputs a MIDI note after each onset (wav to midi transcription), or prints the list of notes found.

The onset and note lists can be used to create label tracks in audio editors. Draft examples of plugins are provided in plugins/ for audacity and wavesurfer.

Some other examples are found in python/. They are written using the swig interface to aubio. Any other language supported by swig could easily be compiled.

The functions in aubio include:

  • various maths tools
  • phase vocoder
  • filtering (n pole/zero pairs)
  • onset detection functions
  • onset peak picking
  • multicomb-filtering pitch detection
  • transient/steady-state separation
  • up/downsampling (via libsamplerate)

Registration Date: Tue Jul 20 14:24:45 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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