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Bist stands for bidimensional structures (in italian it sounds like "beast" in english ) and is a chemical drawing tool. It is focused on organic chemistry but it may be useful also for chemists or teacher as well.

Bist support many of the formalism used to describe molecoles structures like single bond, double bond, stereospecific bond, charges, resonance arrows, lone pairs etc...

It can export both postscript and png formats.

Currently portability is not my goal so only GNU/Linux platform is supported. However any effort in this direction is appreciated so feel free to ask me about any porting question. Please remember that bist is actually in a beta stage of development so i strongly suggest you to not using it except for testing or hacking purpose. Bist is free software released under GNU GPL version 3

Registration Date: Sun Jun 15 08:26:05 2008
License: GNU General Public License V3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
Developer needed
     posted by cage, Sun Apr 11 10:42:41 2010 - 1 reply


as pointed out in:

this project needs developer, if interested please point the browser to:

or send a reply to this message.


debian/ubuntu maintainer?
     posted by cage, Tue Jan 20 19:07:07 2009 - 3 replies

I think bist is mature enought to be included as standard distibution package.

It already has an gentoo overlay ( and has been included in scubuntu (

I think would be great if this software could be included in debian or ubuntu so if there is someone who wants to help me please contact me!

Dutch translation
     posted by cage, Wed Oct 15 16:41:28 2008 - 0 replies

Thank to pauluzz a new dutch translation is now available!

Moreover a mailing list to coordinate translations has been created.

gentoo overlay
     posted by cage, Fri Oct 3 12:47:44 2008 - 1 reply

Good news for gentoo users, thanks to zeld we have an overlay for this project:

here are the instructions to build and install the packet:

Thank you again to zeld for his efforts!

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