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Bitacora is a Task Manager based on ToDoList (by AbstractSpoon)(1). It means it is another GTD (Get Things Done) application

There are some differences; the main objetives are:

  • It is made in python + Gtk.
  • Code based on an SVN, GIT or similar.
  • GPL v3.
  • It saves in real XML; And saves must be easy to compare by a SVN, GIT... system.
  • It must run on GNU/Linux and Windows.


Registration Date: Sat Sep 22 15:49:00 2007
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
Version 0.0.2 is out.
     posted by magmax, Mon Jan 12 05:16:48 2009 - 1 reply

New improvements:

  • Update system based on SVN
  • Filters for tasks.
  • Column system changed. It is less general, but easy for bitacora.
Bitacora is usable
     posted by magmax, Tue Dec 9 19:41:40 2008 - 0 replies

You can use Bitacora. It has the version 0.1, because you can only use the very basic system. I am going to improve it very soon and very often :D

Please, feedback is welcome.

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