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B :
R echerches et
I nnovations
L ogicielles à
L '
A ide de
N ouvelles
T echnologies
(B : research and software innovations with the help of new technologies)

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Registration Date: Sat Mar 6 10:52:28 2004
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


Latest News 
B parsing is complete
     posted by scolin, Mon Apr 16 16:22:19 2012 - 0 replies

As of the last few months, the bparser of BCaml was modified. The end result is that we have a B grammar without any shift/reduce of reduce/reduce conflict.

Although the grammar is not as restrictive as it should be for e.g. B implementations, the parser should now work for correct B machines of any existing B project.

CSP||B tool for calculating control loop invariants
     posted by scolin, Mon Nov 30 18:01:23 2009 - 0 replies

Added as of today to the extension tools of Brillant/BCaml, a tool developed by Huu Nghia Nguyen from the LORIA/Dedale team for his internship.

For the theory behind, take a look at

In practice, after receiving the source at ...

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BiCoax, a Coq library for B, is in the repository
     posted by scolin, Tue Sep 2 14:54:50 2008 - 0 replies

Coq libraries for B have entered the BRILLANT project under the BiCoax name. These libraries are meant as a future replacement for BPhoX, as PhoX is not maintained anymore: this seems a good excuse to transfer BPhoX knowledge to Coq, whose longevity is more ensured. ...

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Alpha (debian) package : brillant-core
     posted by gmariano, Tue Jan 29 11:57:45 2008 - 1 reply

A new (debian) package is available in the download area.
It is still in alpha stage but provides a small set of B tools (parser, proof obligation generator, xsl transformation,...) and uses the phox prover to discharge proof obligations. ...

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