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Name: CliqueClique - a distributed communication system
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CliqueClique is a merge between/generalization of the following systems, that is, it provides the functionality of all of them at once:

  • Email
  • Threaded forum (Internet News)
  • Wiki
  • Im (MSN, ICQ)
  • "Communities" (Helgon, Lunarstorm, MySpace)

What CliqueClique should facilitate

  • CliqueClique should facilitate the networking of people, give users the ability to browse out trhough their social network from themselves, via friends and on to friends of friends and so on.
  • CliqueClique should facilitate the formation of local "cliques" (secret societies) and the linking, merging and splitting of those.
  • CliqueClique should facilitate "templating" that allows easy creation of new standards for content format and display.

What CliqueClique should not facilitate

CliqueClique should not distribute messages to machines not operated by people who should receive said messages.

  • CliqueClique should not have a global search facility.
  • CliqueClique should not allow one to send messages to unknown.
  • CliqueClique should not have a global adressing system.
  • Spam should have to come via friends of friends.

Registration Date: Wed Apr 4 06:19:14 2007
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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