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Name: coda (CD Digital-Audio Player)
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This program aims to be console CD Digital-Audio Player.
It has support for local CDDA database and network FreeDB database.
For export/import database, there are included two simple scripts, and (NOTE: read it before use).

For build and use this program require only
Libc with Berkeley DB and GNU readline libraries.
Both are included in DragonFly and FreeBSD base system.

Supported systems:
- DragonFlyBSD any version,
- FreeBSD version 4 and 5,
- other *BSD systems, wasn't tested.

720a1009 42:58 nine inch nails - purest feeling

Track 01 02:23 intro
Track 02 05:39 sanctified
Track 03 05:10 maybe just once
Track 04 05:12 the only time
Track 05 05:03 kinda i want to
Track 06 04:18 that's what i get
Track 07 02:59 purest feeling
Track 08 05:55 twist
Track 09 06:17 down in it

Track 01 00:02 [02:23] | 00:04 [42:58]

Registration Date: Wed May 11 20:02:52 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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