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<b>This software has been orphaned, as it's main author have no longer a use for it and no time to develop it. It remains here in case someone would like to grab the code and reuse it. If you'd like to work on this project, send a mail to comon-dev.</b>

The latest release is available at

<h5>What you have:</h5> - A network with different computers that hosts ogg vorbis or mp3* files (accessible over http).

<h5>What you want:</h5> - A common place where you can get a list of these files.
- The ability to generate playlist (M3U, that works for instance with xmms) by selecting songs, without bothering about which computer actually host the files.

<h5>What you'll get with "Com' On Feel The Noize!":</h5> - A webpage and a database on a computer where you'll get your playlist, some backend scripts ran via cron on other computers sharing songs updating the database.

<h5>What you'll possibly get, in future, with "Com' On Feel The Noize!":</h5> - It's easy to imagine other frontends (console/tk/gtk/...) directly reading the database or xml files.

<h5>What's the origin of the name of the program?</h5> - no kidding, are you telling me that you never ever listened to Slade?

<h5>It requires:</h5> - Perl (DBI, Locale::gettext, Sys::Hostname, File::Basename, MP3::Info, CGI)
- ogginfo, part of vorbis-tools
- a web server on each computer that share files

[* mp3 is a proprietary, patented, format, you should not be using it]

Registration Date: Sun Jan 18 14:10:00 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Orphaning the Project
     posted by yeupou, Sun Nov 7 18:57:08 2004 - 0 replies

Hello. Since I no longer have interest in this software (as now I centralized management of my personal ogg/mp3 collection; everything stored on one central server), I decided to orphan it, as I do not intend to maintain or improve it any longer. ...

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