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Coondog is a tool for configuring and controlling IPSec VPNs. It is not meant for advanced VPN use, as not all options and combinations of options are available. I have tried to make the application as easy to use as possible, sacrificing flexibility as a result. If you need more flexibility, you probably don’t need a GUI.

Coondog will work on most GNU/Linux Desktop environments which supports GTK applications.

You may notice a similarity between Coondog and another VPN tool for Mac OS X: IPSecuritas. This is purely intentional, The folk(s) at Lobotomo Software did a great job and I thought I would model Coondog after theirs.

The underlying system is the Racoon IKE daemon and setkey for manipulating the IPSec policies in the kernel. There are two programs:

* - this script runs with user-level priviledges and provides the GUI. With it the user creates/edits the VPN configurations and controls which VPNs are active.
* - This script is called by It runs SUID root and is used to run Racoon and setkey and do do other tasks that require root priviledges.

Registration Date: Wed Mar 1 05:26:54 2006
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Coondog version 0.1
     posted by emeitner, Thu Mar 2 03:21:06 2006 - 0 replies

The first release of Coondog is available for download.


Debian apt.sources line: deb unstable/

Test away!

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