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due to bugs with, this project is now located on

This project is a C++ class library that aim to allow programmers to easily design games user interfaces with borders adapted to game's art.

Its specificities are:

  • LGPL license
  • no dependencies [1]
  • fully portable [2]
  • a theme for each window. You can easily use different themes for each window, you just need to declare a new one and specify that window which one you want to use.
  • no macro
  • no conditionnal compilation
  • ease of use

Because work just started a few months ago, and because I cann't spent all my time on this project, some features I plan to develop, but are not finished or started, are:

  • full exception-safety
  • thread-safety
  • many widgets: button, checkbox, listcontrol... currently, only basic window and event are implemented. They will come quickly, anyway.

As this is a template based library, it need library-specific implementations.
Currently, implementations that work are:

  • SDL

Planned library support:

  • SFML

[1] In fact, you will have to use a library to manage graphics and events (there can be a different lib for graphics and events) to implement some very simple base classes: bitmap, screen, event, eventmanager. But only bitmap and screen are actually mandatory

[2] Because it only use templates and C++ STL, it should be compilable on any OS. Although C++ is highly portable, I am using some new features of the standard C++11 when I can, so you will probably need a recent compiler, of have to modify some portions of code, mainly relative to shared_ptr - you can replace them with boosts ones.

Registration Date: Tue Aug 30 19:36:33 2011
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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