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Name: Free Audio Note Recognition
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This project aims to do an audio note recognition software
This project is dedicated to research on polyphonic sounds. Look at <a href=""><i>Midingsolo</i></a> for a monophonic solution.
the input is a wave signal captured trough the alsa pcm device and the output is a simple midi stream launched trough the ALSA sequencer.
(recognized notes are printed to the standard output too)

Registration Date: Tue Jun 1 13:30:46 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


Latest News 
version 0.6.0
     posted by norwin, Tue Dec 7 02:00:49 2004 - 0 replies

support new CaptureThread capabilities: jack and alsa can be choosen at running time.

version 0.5.2
     posted by norwin, Tue Oct 19 14:53:09 2004 - 0 replies

Real-time improvement, R-T recognition stability view
Polyphonic Quantizer
Last note summary
An always better correlation algorithm

version 0.5
     posted by norwin, Tue Jul 13 17:51:44 2004 - 0 replies

add correlation algorithm for monophonic case: decrease latency factor to 2 ! (against 40 for the band filter convolution algorithm)
add polyphonic view

version 0.4.5
     posted by norwin, Sat Jun 26 17:39:36 2004 - 0 replies

alsa midi output and console output
better wave form graph

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