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FigTools is a package of programs generating biological graphs in vector
format. It currently contains two programs:
- [seqfig] plots a sequence with annotations,
- [treefig] plots a phylogenetic tree with annotations.

Supported formats are:
- XFig
- SVG (raw and inkscape)

The output graphs can then be edited with free editors like XFig or Inkscape. SVG files can also directly be visualized with gimp or firefox or any SVG compatible browser.

This software is meant to produce high quality pictures for publications, or to be used as part of a webserver, to produce plots of results in a standard, browser-compliant format. It is smilar in spirit to EasyTimeLine (wikipedia), Molscript (3D molecule visualization) or GnuPlot (function plotting).

Example of figures produced by FigTools can be found in the following
article: (figures 4,5,6 and 7).

Registration Date: Mon Mar 10 19:25:26 2008
License: Other, GPL Compatible
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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