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Name: The FOSS Malayalam Project
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This project is of Organizational type.

About the Project and it's Founder
The FOSS Malayalam Project (Formerly known as The GNU Malayalam Project ) was established in Cochin on 21st September 2004 by Vivek Varghese Cherian , a GNU enthusiast and member of the then FSUG-Kochi community.

FOSS Software also known as Swathantra Software or Mukt Software (In India)is created with the end objective of providing complete Freedom to the end user of the software to run the software for any purpose, to study how the software works, to make modifications to the software as per her needs and to distribute the original or modified versions either gratis or commercially.

The Objective of the Project

The Project aims at raising awareness among the Malayalis worldwide regarding adoption, usage and contributions to Free/Open Source Software by providing Malayalam translation support to FOSS projects that require such support, development of rendering engine support, development of Free fonts, translating FOSS web sites and technical documents that are in need of such a support.

The Project also aims to build a community around Free/Open Source Software Philosophy and we are open to working in collaboration with similar like minded entities in the Free/Open Source Software realm.

If you wish to volunteer for the project,consider joining the project mailing list (GNU Malayalam Discuss) at

(Considering the highly political tone of Malayalam FOSS development in Kerala, we have kept the mailing list as invite only. We accept only members whom we believe have a genuine interest in FOSS Malayalam l1on and/or people who have a proven track record in Malayalam l10n).

Registration Date: Mon Nov 3 10:05:25 2008


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