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The goal of The Green-Span Project is to create an open-source infrastructure for trust and reputation management that is serverless and designed to be robust in the presence of node dropouts (e.g. not be subject to single-point failures) built on a peer-to-peer system using open email protocols such as SMTP and IMAP for transport.

There are many related problems this infrastructure could be applied to; our first target is email and IM spam-fighting to demonstrate a single contact management gateway working with more than one application protocol. If we can deliver good results there, we envision displacing the many competing walled-garden "web 2.0" social-networking style applications with an open system that scales better and does not subject user trust data to proprietary control.

Registration Date: Fri Mar 20 02:42:35 2009
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 1 - Planning


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