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GNUstep WebKit is a framework that will enable GNUstep based applications to easily display contents from the world wide web. It is based on WebCore and JavaScriptCore that both have been developed by Apple Computer, Inc. Thankfully, Apple released the work under LGPL. One part of this project was (and still is) to modify the sources from Apple to work with the GNUstep framework. Due to the lack of an Objective-C++ compiler for non-Apple systems, the source code of WebCore and JavaScriptCore has been split into pure C++ and pure Objective-C portions that communicate to each other through a set of C wrapper functions.

The task of WebCore is mainly to integrate the khtml rendering engine from the KDE project with the Foundation and AppKit frameworks. The API of WebCore is relative low-level and not suitable for application developers. WebKit, sitting on top of WebCore, provides a more sophisticated API at a higher level. Apple has not released it's WebKit under open source so GNUstep WebKit provides a WebKit implementation from scratch. The goal is to achieve API compatbility with Apples WebKit (although this might not be possible completely since the GNUstep API differs slightly from Cocoa).

Registration Date: Sun Mar 14 13:12:27 2004
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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