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GtkDC is a Direct Connect client written in C, based on a GIMP toolkit 2.0 GUI. It is intended to run on UNIX-based platforms, but with a little port it should be executable on Windows platform with Gtk libraries.

As of 2007-11-19, this project is no longer under active development.

Registration Date: Fri Nov 11 15:30:11 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


Latest News 
GtkDC 0.2.1-pre5 and DCLibC 0.1.1-rc1 have been released!
     posted by daniele_athome, Tue Nov 7 18:29:38 2006 - 0 replies

Here it comes the first release candidate for the core library of our project, DCLibC. We haven't found any bug for more than 3 months, so we decided to candidate this version for release.

A different thing is for the graphical client: it hasn't been tested very much, and there are still some imperfection. We have released it so anyone can use it with RC1 of DCLibC.

Happy sharing,

GtkDC Lead developer

GtkDC 0.2.1-pre4 and DCLibC 0.1.1-pre4 have been released!
     posted by daniele_athome, Sun Oct 15 11:58:49 2006 - 0 replies

In this new release we have implemented automatic Internet IP fetching and also a lot of bugs and defects have been fixed. A new widget is also available in the menubar for closing the current tab.

As usual, you can download the packages from the official site:

Good sharing!

GtkDC 0.2.1-debug3 and DCLibC 0.1.1-debug3 have been released!
     posted by daniele_athome, Tue Sep 26 19:47:30 2006 - 0 replies

It's mainly a bug-fixes release, despite of new features in share management.

You may download the packages from the official site:

GtkDC Main Developer

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