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This project exists to develop a portable generic KDTree implementation. Though it needs to be as optimised as possible, since I plan to code an extensive photonmap on it ;)
For optimisation reasons, the code will be C++, and for genericity purpose, templates will be used.

For those who are wondering how a kdtree will work, here is a nice page about it, with an applet demo :

Here are projects that kdtree implementation was originally created for:

The CVS Repository is quite stable by now, since I use autotools to build the testing program. My testing system is NetBSD 2.0 (gcc 3.3.3). Because of portability questions concerning templates, I'll need some people who are interesting in testing it on other systems, and with other builder than gcc.

When this project will be mature for portability, optimized and widely used without any problems, multithreading support will be added (pthread).

Any help, comments or questions are welcome.

When this project will be stable enough, it will be fully integrated in a more ambitious photon-mapping raytracer project ;)

Registration Date: Tue Oct 19 15:21:32 2004
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


Latest News 
On Hold...
     posted by asmodehn, Sun Jan 3 10:50:52 2010 - 0 replies

This project is currently on hold, because I just dont have the necessary time to maintain it.

KDTrees are becoming more and more common nowadays, as well as photonmappers, so there are already a lot of good libraries available around...

If someone is still interested in this code however, do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Windows port (devcpp 5 / Mingw 3.3.1)
     posted by asmodehn, Fri Dec 24 13:49:00 2004 - 0 replies

The windows port seems to work well now. I worked around some devcpp 5 beta bugs (in project management).

I have been reading this paper about photonmapping and kdtree search optimisation : ...

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Autotools & CVS cleaning complete
     posted by asmodehn, Tue Nov 9 11:04:27 2004 - 0 replies

The autotools chain is now complete, and CVS repository has been cleaned, even if some odd directories remain (cvs rm policy...)
Though this would not be a problem since you use the prune option of CVS to remove them on update or checkout.

The hard work on the code can now begun ;)

First tests
     posted by asmodehn, Sat Oct 30 10:54:43 2004 - 0 replies

The sources of the first test that have been made, are now available in the download area as a 0.0 package.

The main conclusion is that recursive algorithms seems to be a bit faster for a very little tree, but very memory hungry, and quite as fast as imperative ones, when the tree grows...
==> So the recursive way is abandonned, even if it is much more easy to code ;o)

But some policy about balancing and search algorithm still need to be tested...

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