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System Name: keduca-shrinker
Name: Keduca Shrinker
Group Type: Programs

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A[WAS] A small program that take a kdeduca test file (.edu) as input with say 100 question and output a kdeduca test file with 20 questions selected randomly.
Keduca itself is no longer maintained.

Registration Date: Sat Apr 23 09:42:42 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


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Keduca Shrinker and recent Keduca releases
     posted by yeupou, Tue Jan 31 13:17:40 2006 - 2 replies

Very recent versions of Keduca shipped by Debian features .edu in a cryptic format. Sad news, that makes keduca-shrinker as distributed into the debian package useless.

I tried to found out what cause the XML to know be unreadable without success. ...

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Keduca Shrinker now available
     posted by yeupou, Sat Apr 23 11:17:10 2005 - 2 replies

Keduca Shrinker is now available (see the Download Area or CVS Repository). It has been suggested to Keduca people and Debian people to include it in the Keduca package, until the wanted feature gets implemented upstream (see

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