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KGraphViewer is now part of the KDE extragear package. As such, its source code is stored in the KDE repository. Only release files are stored on Gna. It's new homepage is Thanks to Gna for the hosting !

KGraphViewer is a GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE. The graphviz program suite is a free software set of layout engines for graphs. They are commonly used in scientific domains and particularly in computer science. But until now there was a lack of GUI to look at the graphs.

KGraphViewer is aimed at replacing these tools with a modern user friendly GUI with all the power of a well integrated KDE application. Current version has the following features:
- full featured printing;
- zooming ;
- loading of several graphs in tabs ;
- saving of the recent files list ;
- manual and automatic reload of files ;
- display of a bird-eye view of the graph (can be disabled) ;
- moving of the graph by dragging;
- (somewhat) perfect drawing of all graphviz (2.2.1) example graphs,
some problems with 2.8;
- automaticaly choose dot for directed graphs and neato for undirected
and possibility to choose an arbitrary program generating xdot format
- open new instances as new tabs in the existing window (configurable)
- help system: run-time documentation and user guide
- internationalization (currently eng, fre)
- ...

Planned features are:
- port to KDE4 ;
- save session data about graph (layout program used, zoom factor, etc.) ;
- integration in kate and konqueror (so a change in the kate view of the graph would relayout and reload the file) ;
- menu to open the file in kate OR to open a katepart inside the kgraphviewer window ;
- loading of big and huge graphes (currently, there is performance problems around 1000 nodes) ;
- progressive support of more and more dot attributes and values ;
- layout in background (thread to don't block the interface, with progress bar) ;
- etc. (See the TODO in the distribution for an up-to-date list).

Note that this program includes code from the GPL tool kcachegrind by Josef Weidendorfer, with his authorization. It also includes code from the kexi database editor from koffice.
Note also that this program uses the Boost/Spirit library, released under the Boost License (free software). To reduce external dependencies, the necessary boost (1.32) code has been included in the software.

Other Software Required:
It's a KDE program that uses the graphviz tool dot for graphs layout.
- kde libs
- graphviz (as external programs). works perfectly with 2.2.1, some problems with 2.8 ;
- boost/spirit (as internal headers only library)

Registration Date: Tue Apr 12 08:55:39 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 6 - Mature


Latest News 
KGraphViewer 1.0.4 is available
     posted by kleag, Sat Jul 14 12:50:22 2007 - 0 replies

This is a bug correction release that features also new supported languages (26 up to now). Bugs corrected include problems with non ASCII characters and non display of nodes on some machines. This should be the last KDE3 version. Stay tuned for the KDE4 one !

Download a RPM (built on Mandriva 2007 Spring with KDE 3.5.7) or the source code package.

Release of KGraphViewer 1.0 RC1
     posted by kleag, Sat May 27 08:42:33 2006 - 0 replies

I'm happy to announce the release of the first release candidate of the 1.0 version of KGraphViewer, after a little bit more than one year of development.

KGraphViewer is a Graphviz dot graph file viewer for KDE. All 1.0 features are now here. ...

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Release of version 0.3 with numerous new features
     posted by kleag, Sun Apr 9 05:07:10 2006 - 0 replies

KGraphViewer is more and more KDE standards compliant and has currently the following features:
- zooming
- loading of several graphs in tabs;
- saving of the recent files list;
- manual reload of files;
- display of a bird-eye view of the graph; ...

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Current revision in the subversion repository is mainly usable
     posted by kleag, Wed May 11 12:36:11 2005 - 0 replies

You are invited to try Kgraphviewer by downloading the current revision from the Subversion repository (see It is able to load and display (sometimes very well) nearly all Graphviz example graphs.


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