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LaTeX Indexbuilder is a tool useful to build exhaustives indexes in LaTeX.

It looks inside a LaTeX document for a given list of words and will ad necessary LaTeX stuff inside in order to build a clean index. It is made for exhaustive indexes, that mention for a given word all the pages with occurences of it; not for indexes that mention only the page of the more meaningful occurence of a word. As a matter of fact, this kind of indexes seems to be more usual in human sciences than in the others

First version only take care to build a general index list. Depending on my needs (or the needs of anybody willing to contributed), I, the author, will maybe add a way to build complex indexes by categories.

It does not handle the output made out of \index calls by LaTeX, it just takes care that every words in a list are correctly identified with the command \index without you doing the boring job by hand. To do something with the .idx file created by LaTeX, you should take a look to mendex.

This tool depends only on perl, and naturally is 100% libre software.

Feel free to send your comments to the list latex-indexbuild-list.

Get it:

You can get the latest release by checking the download area.

If you use Debian, it is also an option to add, in /etc/apt/sources.list, the following:

Alternatively, you can fetch it via anonymous CVS (see CVS page), then install it with the `make install` usual command or, at your option, just run it directly.


I. Create a LaTeX file as usual.
In the headers, make sure there is

II. Build a list of words to be listed in a file called as you want, with the line break took as string separator. You can also add %%% as separator between a search word and the name to print in the index.

For instance, such file content could looks like:

In the index, you would find pages where 'churchill' and 'prime minister' have bbeen found, under the name 'Winston Churchill'.

III. Run latex-indexbuild on any LaTeX file with --words-list=yourfile

IV. Then run LaTeX on your file, it will update/build a file called $latexfile.idx

V. To include properly its content, you can run (there are several ways to go) mendex on your LaTeX file, it will build a $latexfile.ind, then run LaTeX one more time.

Registration Date: Mon Apr 12 13:40:14 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
Second Release
     posted by yeupou, Sun May 16 09:47:55 2004 - 0 replies

LaTeX Indexbuilder 1.1 is out.

This release cover a trivial bug annoying fix: the replace sequence (unlike the search one) was not checking whether blank space exists around the indexed words.

GPG signed (my myself) tarball is available in the download area. A
debian package is available too.

First Release
     posted by yeupou, Sat May 8 19:57:03 2004 - 0 replies

LaTeX Indexbuilder is out.

Not much to say, the README mention everything useful. This tool is
still in beta stage and is definitely not finished.

GPG signed (my myself) tarball is available in the download area. A
debian package is available too.

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