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llgal is a HTML gallery generator for images, videos, text and links.
It is based on igal and adds supports for various types of slides including movies, text, links and subdirectories and several features such as the addition of headers and footers in generated HTML files or the generation of slide captions from JFIF, GIF or EXIF comments.
llgal generates nice web-pages through very simple HTML code that does not require anything like php or javascript.

Registration Date: Wed Aug 31 22:31:42 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
llgal 0.13.18 released
     posted by bgoglin, Tue Aug 2 06:07:39 2016 - 0 replies

August 2nd would be the 5th anniversary of the last llgal release (0.13.17) so I figured I should release 0.13.18 before reaching that way too long milestone.

I don't have enough spare time anymore to work on intrusive changes for llgal, but I tried to apply most easy patches. We have a couple bug fixes and a couple new features. See

For those interested, the package is already on its way to Debian unstable.

llgal 0.13.17
     posted by bgoglin, Tue Aug 2 11:29:45 2011 - 0 replies

I just released llgal 0.13.17 to flush all pending minor fixes. Nothing important, see the ChangeLog ( for details.

llgal 0.13.16
     posted by bgoglin, Sun Feb 28 08:20:14 2010 - 0 replies

Better late than never, a new release of llgal is available. It fixes a couple issues and adds some minor new features. Most of these come from users' patches, so I would thank all the contributors. See the ChangeLog ( for details.

llgal 0.13.15
     posted by bgoglin, Sat Dec 15 20:43:39 2007 - 0 replies

I just released llgal 0.13.15 to fix a couple minor issues and reply to some users' feedback. See the ChangeLog ( for details.

I didn't thank these users in the ChangeLog because they didn't give me their real name, but I guess Gilbert "sksbir" and Thomas "thenadar" will recognize themself, so thanks guys. And while we are at it, thanks to all the other users' (anonymous or not), you're doing a great job helping me to improve llgal.

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