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lltag is a command-line tool to set ID3 tags of mp3 files and Ogg tags.
It may be used to tag multiples files at once by comparing their filename or pathname against a configurable list of formats.

Registration Date: Mon Sep 5 08:25:12 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
lltag 0.14.4
     posted by bgoglin, Tue Aug 2 11:41:02 2011 - 0 replies

I just released lltag 0.14.4 to flush all pending minor fixes. Nothing important, see the ChangeLog ( for details.

lltag 0.14.3
     posted by bgoglin, Sat Mar 20 23:21:00 2010 - 0 replies

Better late than never, a new release of lltag is available. It fixes a couple issues and adds some minor new features. See the ChangeLog ( for details.

lltag 0.14.2
     posted by bgoglin, Sun Dec 16 11:43:51 2007 - 0 replies

A new lltag is out, it brings a couple fixes for several minor issues. See the ChangeLog at for details. Thanks to the anonymous Marcel "sigsegv" and the other users for their help.

lltag 0.14.1 fixes a couple minor bugs
     posted by bgoglin, Sat Sep 22 09:54:20 2007 - 0 replies

There is a new lltag release available. 0.14.1 fixes a couple minor bugs, and some typos in the manpages. Nothing big, but still probably worth upgrading. See the ChangeLog at for details.

It's the first release that I have been able to upload to Debian myself. I'd like to thank Samuel a lot for taking care of sponsoring all upload of lltag before I became a Debian developer.

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