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"LPR via HTTP" purpose is to provide a web frontend for lpr queue monitoring and management.

The point is to provide to users a simple and centralized way to monitor lp queues (printers) information of a distant host, optionally to remove jobs.

Acknowledgment: It is probably best to use desktop environment application (provided by KDE, or GNOME). But currently (February 2005), it is not easy to get these tools to work correctly, especially with a distant lpr server.

LPR via HTTP depends on a web server with Perl support (mod_perl advised) and LPRng (not tested with the old LPR). It assumes that the local web server user can run lpq and lprm commands. If you want a more subtile access control policy, you are welcome to implement it; contact us to get access to the CVS. Note also that is is internationalized via gettext, so even if only French and English version are currently shipped, new translations could be easily included; do not hesitate to submit translations, there are not so many strings to translate.

How does it looks like? By default, like it is shown on the following screenshot:
But it is quite easy to modify the CSS file.

Go to the download area for the source code or the debian package.

Registration Date: Tue Feb 1 11:58:52 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News 
Second release
     posted by yeupou, Fri Mar 4 18:32:05 2005 - 1 reply

LPR management via HTTP 1.1 is out! This new releases feature multiple-queues monitoring ability.

All the configured queues will now be monitored, not only the default one.

First release
     posted by yeupou, Thu Feb 3 18:01:30 2005 - 0 replies

LPR management via HTTP 1.0 is out! It allows lp queue moritoring and printjob removal. The source code and a debian package is available in the dowload area.

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