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Clone of the popular 2D game "Worms World Party" (© Team17). Main focus (in contrast to similar projects) is staying as close as possible to the original game regarding gameplay and visuals (screenshots) while extending it at the right places.


The game is already playable and the most important features are implemented, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

We need free graphics. For now, we rely on the original WWP graphics, or alternatively on our horrible programmer art. If you like to draw some worms, you could join us.

Are you interested or want to help?
E-mail us: nfxjfg (at)
We're also on IRC sometimes: irc://

Main features:

  • It's possible to use the original WWP game graphics, animations and sounds, provided that you own a copy (the alternative "free" graphics are so ugly that's it's almost mandatory)
  • Most of WWP's weapons are included
  • Customizable, template-based landscape generator that can use the original graphic sets
  • Fully configurable design, all weapons scripted in Lua
  • OpenGL or pure SDL (switchable) rendering system
  • Network mode
  • It's free

Information about the D programming language

Lumbricus is written in D. Because D is not a mainstream language, it'd probably be good to give some general information about the language:

  • Homepage:
  • Basically an improved C/C++ with a Java/C#/Delphi like object system and without C++'s brain damage
  • No VM, programs are compiled like C/C++ and have no additional external dependencies
  • Works under 32 bit x86 Windows and Linux
  • Compiler with support for more platforms available: LDC
  • If you don't like D, but would like to contribute if we used another language... we could talk about that.

Registration Date: Thu Jan 19 15:27:14 2006
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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