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Movicon is a very simple implementation of the MVC framework for web
applications written in PHP. Unlike other famous implementations, it aims to be simple, straightforward and particularly easy to tweak and deploy.

The name stands for MOdel, VIew, CONtroller.

It uses a library of helper functions that are put into work by a core or "host". The host is linked to the index.php file and handles requests based on URL segments. Eventually, this mechanism will be taking advantage of mod_rewrite from the web-server. The host then loads the relevant controller. The controller uses models for data storage and views for interface creation - that is actually a way to split the code, making it more readable.

Movicon is written in PHP and therefore runs on Free operating systems. It is not made to manage a portfolio of applications like codeIgniter - although it could - but to be used as a per-application's base library. The deployment is then as simple as copying movicon's code somewhere, and use it.

Movicon was entirely written from scratch, and licensed under LGPLv3 for its role is one of a library's.

Registration Date: Sat Sep 5 10:52:26 2009
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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