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A One Time Pad is mathematically proven the only cypher which can not be cracked. This program can use the content of any file type as a raw key. By help of a password, date and time a session key is generated using a hash function and the file content as 'salt'. The session key is 8.192 bytes long and any bit-position can be the start of the actual key byte.

The next key byte is selected by help of two independent quasi random number generator and the length of cycles goes against infinit. Therefore the name Nearly One Time Pad.

The way how the program functions is described in English (description) and German (Beschreibung) and is available as .dok .rtf and .odt

Comments on the algorithm are welcome since cryptology is not my area of expertise.

Registration Date: Tue Apr 9 13:37:59 2013
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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