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Name: NetBSD Introduction - Quick and Clean
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This project is aimed to provide a quick introduction to the NetBSD OS, using a document describing how to install and setup a full and clean NetBSD system in few minutes on your computer.

This is aimed to people who wants to learn how to use NetBSD, as a "crash-course". Although for end-users, Office-BSD ( might be more appropriate.

The documentation will be divided in 3 main parts :
1) Basic Install -> Usual install of NetBSD
2) Software Packages -> How to install and use pkgsrc
3) Customization -> How to keep your NetBSD up-to-date, How to enable 3D HW Acceleration, etc.

The documentation contains some advises depending if you target your computer to be a server, a simple desktop computer, or a powerfull development/game platform.

The documentation is to be valid from NetBSD 3.0 and hopefully will be kept up-to-date along the evolution of NetBSD.

The documentation will come along with sh scripts completely free to use as you want to automate some usefull administration task.

Registration Date: Mon Oct 17 23:15:57 2005
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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NetBSD 4.0 is out finally...
     posted by asmodehn, Thu Jan 31 03:37:47 2008 - 0 replies

Yeah NetBSD 4.0 is out, and if I tried to keep the master Docbook up to date the webpages definitively are not. I will try to do that as soon as I get some time.

Anyone willing to give me a hand with it, feel very welcome and free to send me a mail...

I still think this doc will be as useful for me and others as it used to be anyway ;)

NetBSD 3.0 RC1 is out
     posted by asmodehn, Mon Nov 21 00:31:36 2005 - 0 replies

I started having a look at NetBSD 3.0 RC1 install, looks pretty good so far :P

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