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DCMTK is a DICOM toolkit published by OFFIS ( and ICSMED AG ( This project is not a fork of this toolkit, but rather an effort to provide custom changes to the latest stable version with version control history and testing. Most if not all of these fixes are already in the DCMTK git development repository.

You can find the original at


  • Fix --key parameter to findscu and movescu (r11)
  • Fix crash when importing images with bad overlay data (r12)
  • Fix crash if reading file from badly damaged CD (r13)
  • Fix call to template (r15)
  • Fix -DDEBUG compiles (r16)
  • Fix crash in dcmqrscp due to bad initialization of an OFString (r17)
  • Add the #r substitution command to storescp that gives host name (r18)
  • Remove SBYTE since it breaks recent versions of Visual Studio (r22)
  • Fix handling of the pseudo-LUT "lt" (r23)
  • Add a #d date placeholder to storescp (r24)
  • Add RPM spec file (r28)
  • Fix bug in hash function (r38)
  • Fix problem when UID name generation fails (r39)
  • Import DICOM tag definitions from latest DCMTK snapshot, updated to 2008 version of the standard + supplement 43 (r41)
  • Fix crash when receiving larger AETitle than standard allows (r42)
  • Fix problem when meta header information has incorrect size (r45)
  • Fix compilation with gcc 4.4.4 (r46)
  • Fix issue with array initialization on 64bit machines (r47)
  • Fix timeout bug in network transfers (r48)

Registration Date: Tue Jan 29 17:57:57 2008
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 6 - Mature


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